The Soul’s Piece of Cake:


“A peace of mind, is the soul’s piece of cake”, is a quote I recently fabricated to reflect my feelings whenever I feel at peace with myself.

In the past, I struggled in relationships, communication with others, and personal growth. This was because my mind was in turmoil. I didn’t only hate myself, but also disliked most, if not everything about life, people, and the world in general. My own mind was at war with me. Apparently, I had allowed emotions attained through unfavorable experiences and memories, to comfortably log into my memory bank; only to create negatively-vibrant-conflicts in my feelings

Everything ticked me off. Everyone made me sad, angry and despondent. I didn’t see or anticipate anything positive happening in my life. Consequently my physicality happily responded to the emotional body. My blood pressure levels drove to the sky. I was officially announced a high blood…

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