The 5 Don’ts of Money-affairs for Women in new Relationships:


If you want to establish elite personal standards for yourself in your relationship, the following tips will help.

  1. Don’t ask your man for petty cash. It is unattractive. For instance, asking him for any amount below $100 regardless of your financial status is cheap. In any case, you have to manage your finances to a level of self-sustenance. You should only ask a man for his financial contribution as a last resort.
  2. Do not discuss your financial-related petty problems with your man. Keep the small unpleasant details to yourself. Don’t make your man a money-tree. Don’t make it a habit to ask him for money every so often just because he is generous. Never reveal your financial details to your beau, except if you are married-PERIOD.
  3. Never give in your “cookie” easily just because the guy wants it. Take the time to evaluate his relationship with money and overall intentions for you. Most importantly, it is silly to give up your “gold” before the dude acknowledges and appreciates your standards, and expectations. Do not make yourself the “pity-cookie-vendor” or “dumpster”. Remember, you are a very important woman and a gift to humanity. Put him on an intimacy-probation-for Spirit’s sake.
  4. You may wanna look into the 90-day-rule that advocates for one to hold onto her “cookie” for 90 days until the brother proves himself.
  1. Don’t be negative—a general rule in life. If you are always complaining and bickering about everything that happens to you, then your beau might conclude that you are a “crying wolf” even when you are genuinely in need of his financial contribution.

For more tips about love, men and money, check out the book- Love, Men and Money: How to Attract and Retain them.

Love Men and Money front cover

Love and light

Dr. Jacinta Mpalyenkana, Ph, D, MBA

Author, Speaker, Counselor / Success Coach


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